Corporate Services

Our corporate set-up and support services are designed to assist our clients in determining the right structure of business at the outset, ensuring that their set-up is tax-efficient and in compliance with all legal requirements and all other aspects of doing business in the jurisdictions they operate. We are also able to provide subsequent ongoing support and maintenance services to clients who see the benefit and need to outsource all or some of their administrative functions. Our team of professionals are from a wide range of disciplines and have extensive knowledge and experience in providing the following services:

  • Set-up Services
  • We assist our clients in identifying a form of business that is most appropriate for their operations and is tax-efficient, whether it be an unincorporated business, a representative office, a branch of a company incorporated outside Hong Kong or a company incorporated in Hong Kong. For clients needing a quick set-up, we always have available unused shelf companies.

  • Company Secretarial Services for Hong Kong and Offshore Companies
  • To assist our clients to cope with increasingly complex corporate law, we provide a wide range of company secretarial services for both Hong Kong and offshore companies.

    Hong Kong Companies
    – Our company secretarial services include:
    – Incorporation of companies and registration of foreign companies in
       Hong Kong either as a trading branch or a representative office
    – Maintenance of statutory books and records
    – Provision of registered office or correspondence address
    – Provision of nominee director and/or shareholder services
    – Attending to statutory requirements, e.g. Companies Ordinance,
       Business Registration Ordnance, Stamp Duty Ordinance, etc.
    – Attending to matters relating to the liquidation or de-registration of
       Hong Kong companies, branch offices and representative offices

    Offshore Companies
    We assist our clients with assets or operations outside Hong Kong in setting companies in offshore jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Samoa, the Cayman Island and a host of other countries, where statutory requirements are more flexible. Our services include:
    – Advice on and assistance in incorporation procedures
    – Liaison with the registered agents or representatives in the country of
    – Provision of correspondence address
    – Provision of nominee shareholder and director services
    – Provision of company secretarial support

  • Accounting Services
  • Our clients may require accounting and other office support services such as fund administration, trade documentation, payroll administration, etc. because of the following circumstances:
    – they have a company with activities in Hong Kong but have not set up
       a permanent office here
    – they require a trusted party to handle payments instead of relying on
       their local staff
    – they do not intend to employ, or cannot retain, staff with the
       appropriate qualification for handling specific management and
       reporting functions

    With the help of a flexible accounting software package, our accounting services cover all aspects of the accounting function such as data collection, bookkeeping and preparation of financial statements and reports.

  • Fund Administration Services
  • As an internal control procedure or simply to save costs, our clients may require us to provide bank signatories to operate their bank accounts either singly ourselves or in conjunction with their local staff. Our signatories perform this function in accordance with pre-determined authorization procedures agreed with our clients. We also offer a service whereby our clients deposit funds into our clients’ trust accounts and we will make payments also in accordance with pre-determined authorization procedures. This service is useful to newly-incorporated companies wishing to take advantage of business opportunities before they are able to open their own bank accounts.

  • Trade Documentation Services
  • Hong Kong has long been attractive to international traders and businessmen worldwide due to its convenient location at the gateway to mainland China, its free economy and its favorable structure. Through many years of advising and assisting these traders and businessmen, our trade documentation professionals have gained extensive, valuable knowledge and business contacts and relationships with banks, business and trade associations and the like. We are thus confident that we can provide our clients with useful information, appropriate practical assistance and professional advice in trade finance and documentation and the related tax issues.

    Trade Finance
    Our relationships with local and international banks enable us to assist in establishing banking facilities and negotiating relating terms and fee structure. We also advise on appropriate terms and conditions for letters of credit.

    Trade Documentation
    We are familiar with the many and varied documentary requirements of international business and are therefore able to ensure that your shipping documents are processed without undue delay and without incurring unnecessary costs. Our documentation services include:
    – Preparing or ensuring availability of documents such as bills of lading,
       certificate of origin, insurance certificate, inspection certificate, quality
       and quantity certificate, packing lists, sales invoices, etc.
    – Document substitution where goods are repackaged or transshipped
       through Hong Kong or for tax or other reasons such as shipment
       consolidation, keeping sensitive information away from buyers and
    – Arranging shipping and insurance cover
    – Liaising with banks and customers

  • Payroll Administration and Outsourcing
  • For maintaining confidentiality or ensuring salaries are paid correctly and on time, there is a growing tendency for businesses, large and small, to outsource the administration of their payroll function. Our payroll professionals have extensive experience in payroll administration and are able to deliver accurate, cost-effective and reliable payroll services while taking extra care to ensure security of payroll data. Our computerized payroll system is highly flexible and can handle different types of pay, deductions and leave calculations for different industries and can generate payroll statements and reports as well as Hong Kong Salaries Tax returns and notices.

  • Computerization of Accounting System
  • Accounting system computerization or enhancement could be a costly and frustrating exercise if not properly planned and carried out. We assist our clients in system selection and implementation to ensure the acquisition of an appropriate software package, to properly install the package and to develop policies and procedures for a seamless changeover. We also carry out post-implementation reviews to ensure that the package, policies and procedures function as expected and to determine if improvements are required. If required, we can provide trained personnel to operate the computerized system for our clients.

  • Secondment Services
  • Temporary staff shortages and the lack of expertise internally are two common reasons why our clients require our services to second accounting personnel to help them over a period of time or to perform a periodic function. We have an experienced pool of professionals at our clients’ disposal and they can carry out their roles either in our clients’ premises or off-site.

  • Hong Kong Visa Applications
  • Our comprehensive services are designed to reduce the work of employers when applying for visas for expatriate employees to work and their dependants to live in Hong Kong. We handle visa applications for new employees and extension applications for existing employees, inform the Immigration Department on the departure of an existing employee, attend to enquiries from the Immigration Department and deliver all necessary documents to the Immigration Department.


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