Corporate Recovery & Insolvency

We bring together experienced, qualified professionals from a range of consulting backgrounds to provide services in corporate restructuring and recovery.

  • Corporate Restructuring
  • We are able to improve the results of under-performing businesses. Our services benefit not only those companies in immediate financial difficulties but also those not realizing their potential. We assist borrowers as well as lenders.

    In respect of borrowers, our services typically involve assessing the business and identifying critical problem areas, designing a pragmatic and feasible improvement strategy, formulating a viable business restructuring or debt rescheduling plan, negotiating with lenders and implementing the plan with management.

    For lenders, we conduct operational or financial reviews of their borrowers, assess the viability of business organizations or debt rescheduling proposals, monitor repayment or restructuring plans, protect, secure and realize underlying security and trace assets and funds.

  • Corporate Recovery
  • We are able to accept appointments as:

    • Liquidators
    • Provisional Liquidators
    • Receivers and Managers
    • Special Managers
    • Scheme Administrators
    • Nominee in Individual Voluntary Arrangements (“IVA”)

    We are able to act as liquidators in compulsory liquidations and in members’ or creditors’ voluntary liquidations. We are also able to act as receivers for both secured creditors and as court-appointed receivers and to provide advice on schemes of arrangements and bankruptcy.

    IVAs are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to bankruptcy. We have experience in advising both individuals with personal, consumer and credit card debts and their creditors on reaching an equitable IVA and to act as the Nominee.


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